First Aid Training

We would like to recommend Bridge Care Consultancy for First Aid Training

Visit their website at to learn all about them

Keeping children and families safe online

We would like to bring to your attention that even the youngest children can be at risk when using the internet and therefore would request that you read the following information and access the website where you can get some good tips.

Our aim is to keep our children and families safe when using the internet right from the start.

The following letter was received from Gloucestershire County Council

To: all practitioners working in early years settings, including childminders Seasonal Flu Vaccination Programme 2016-17

I am writing to request your assistance and support with the national flu vaccination programme

Flu is a common infection in babies and children and can be very unpleasant for them. Children under the age of five have the highest hospital admission rates for flu compared to other age groups. Children can also spread the infection to their families, younger siblings, grandparents and the wider community, protecting those that are at increased risk of becoming seriously ill from flu.

Specific information for practitioners working in early years settings, including childminders can be found here:

In Gloucestershire, the following children are currently being invited for the flu vaccination by their GP practice:

For most children, the flu vaccination is given as a nasal spray.

Pregnant women, those over 65, carers and those with a long term health condition are also eligible for the flu vaccination through their GP practice or participating local pharmacy.


I have attached the current posters and leaflets for you to print, however if you would like to order your own free of charge you can do so from the following website.

Protecting your child against flu leaflet 2016/17:

Five reasons to vaccinate your child against flu poster 2016/17:

I appreciate your support with the promotion of this important vaccination and to encourage parents and guardians to have their children immunised this year.

If you have any queries regarding this promotion please contact:

Watch the video below

St John Ambulance Nursery Rhymes Inc. Baby CPR advert

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Download the Questionnaire results    

On 4th August 2015 we were again awarded an 'OUTSTANDING' judgement by Ofsted!

Download our letter of commendation    

Parents' Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework - Download here

Guidance to your child's learning and developmentin the early years foundation stage - Download here

Important Information & Requests to Parents

Please remember to add your thoughts to our planning board in reception, your contributions are very much appreciated.

May we remind parents to label their children's clothes, particularly pre-school uniform and coats. Thank you

Family Matters Newsletter

The Families Matter Newsletter can be downloaded here or accessed via the Family Information Service website using the following link:

Asda recalls dummy after complaint of detached teat - 5th April

Asda has recalled some of its dummies due to a "possible risk of choking", after a customer complained that one device came apart in a baby's mouth.

Packs of "Little Angels 2 Newborn Soothers 0+ Months" are being recalled from stores "as a precaution", and should be returned for a refund or disposed of, the retailer said.

Asda apologised for "any inconvenience" and said it would investigate. It is the second time the retailer has recalled soothers for babies. In January 2013 Asda asked parents to return packs of the Little Angels Cherry Soother after a fault was identified.

In the latest recall, the £2.25 dummy is being withdrawn from shops after a customer complained on Facebook that the teat had come away from the casing of one of the products.

In a notice to customers, the supermarket said: "These [affected dummies] are sold in twin packs, the shield is clear and the plug on the front has a number of different designs.

"We have had one customer complaint that the teat has broken away and detached from the hard casing, so we have taken the precaution of taking the product off sale and recalling from customers due to the possible risk of choking.

"The care and safety of our customers is our top priority, which is why we are recalling the product even though there has been only one complaint and we are yet to conduct our investigation."

The statement added: "We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused."

23/02/2015 - Cooked Lunches

As from week commencing 2nd March a school dinner company will be delivering our cooked lunches. This will enable us to concentrate on what we do best, caring and educating the children, rather than cooking and washing up pots. However, it is a trial, if might work for the better, it might not. We will keep you informed. The menu will be displayed in reception and on our website along with allergen information.

National Literacy Trust - Quick Tips (available bilingually in 17 languages)

The National Literacy Trust has produced a series of quick tips for parents and practitioners to help children develop good talking and listening skills.

Each sheet is available bilingually in 17 languages.

Copies can be downloaded below and photocopied free of charge. Each file is quite large and will take a few minutes to download. You will need Acrobat Reader to download each sheet. Scroll down the page to download the following quick tips:

For more information contact Please note that printed copies are not available.

Thanking you

1st December 14 - Dear Parent/Carer

We have had several reported cases of hand foot and mouth within nursery.

Typical symptoms of hand, foot and mouth disease include:

If you are worried that you child may have hand foot and mounth or is displaying any of these systems, please seek medical attention.

Thank you

7th November 14 - Dear Parent/Carer

For your information, please note your November invoice is ready for collection. Invoices should be paid within 7 days of date of invoice, unless otherwise agreed by Tina. A late fee of £25.00 will apply. Fees are charged in advance and if your child is sick or does not attend then full fees still apply and days cannot be swopped This is discussed on induction and agreed by yourselves. We try our very best to be flexible, however this is not always possible due to us being at capacity most days. If you would like to swop a day (not sick days) or add hours we would request as much notice as possible and as some of you will be aware we might have to say no.

When your child has been attending Lunaland for 6 months they are entiled to 2 weeks annual leave (pro-rata). For example, if your child attends for 1 day per week, this equates to 2 days annual leave. If they attend full time, then this equates to 10 days annual leave. Notice must be given when taking leave.

If you would like to discuss any of the above please speak to a member of staff or Tina.

Advice for parents/carers - Mumps

We have had a suspected case of mumps within nursery. The signs and symptoms include:

If you are worried that your child may have mumps or is displaying any of these symptoms, please seek medical attention.

Advice for parents/guardians - Ebola Virus

Parents/guardians should not be unduly worried about the possibility of their children catching the Ebola Virus. You may wish to use the following key points from the Public Health England advice to reassure them:

Further information on the Government's response to the Ebola virus can be found here

20th October 14 - Dear Parent/Carer

Keeping children and families safe online.

Recently we have heard parents discussing their children's use of computers, tablets and iPhones. We would like to bring to your attention that even the youngest children can be at risk when using the internet and therefore would request that you read the poster in reception or access the following website where you can get some good tips. Click Here

Our aim is to keep our children and families safe when using the internet right from the start.


Parent's Questionaire Feedback - June 2014

Do you know who your child's key person is?

95% of parents stated that they do know who their child's key person is. 5% left question marks under their answer. For the parents that are unsure, the key person board is on display in reception next to the parent's notice board. When your child moves to a new room, your child's key person may change. Your child will choose their new key person dependant on who they make the strongest bond with.

Do you feel we help to continue your child's learning at home?

5% of parents felt we could improve. One parent commented that we have more daily feedback about what the children have been up to. We do try our very best to talk to you at drop off and pick up times, however we are always very busy with the children, and they must come first. Their daily activities and care needs are also written in their home to Lunaland diary. Another parent commented on a monthly newsletter with what each room is focussing on. We do try to write regular newsletters and will mention certain learning intentions, e.g. the hatching of our chickens but each rooms specific learning intentions is on the 'what we are learning this month display'.

Do you feel fully updated on your child's progress?

All but one parent replied 'Yes' to this question. We try our very best to keep you updated by having regular parents evening and coffee mornings. You are always welcome to make an appointment with your child's key person to have an in depth conversation about their learning and development. You may see their planning and learning story at any time. To further enhance our practice we will in the coming weeks be finding space in reception to display white boards which will give details of what the children have been doing AM/PM. In addition, we will restart using our digital photo frame.

Do you feel we consider your views on the service we provide?

100% of you answered 'yes' and we very much appreciate your views. The team at Lunaland are always trying their best to improve.

Do you know how to access our policies?

25% of parents do not know how to access our policies. Our 'Policies folder' is a yellow folder labelled with pink writing on the parents desk, next to the sofa. You can read this at anytime, and ask for a copy however the folder must not leave the premises. You are more than welcome to add anything you feel appropriate by leaving a message with a member of staff.

Would you feel comfortable raising a concern?

100% of you would feel entirely comfortable raising a concern. However, some of you are not sure how to do this. You may raise a concern with your child's key person or Sadie/Vicky (Manager/ Deputy Manager). Tina is always available should you have a concern. You can email her on, or if you give staff a message, she can give you a ring. Our complaints procedure is also on display on the parent's notice board.

Do you feel there are anyways we could strengthen our partnerships with you?

10% of parents feel we could strengthen our partnerships. A parent commented about having more one to one time with their child's key person. This is difficult at drop off and pick up times at we are always so busy with the children, however you are always welcome to book an appointment or arrange a telephone call to have a chat about your child's learning and development. We try our best to host regular coffee mornings and parents evenings. Another parent commented on more progress checks/ reports. Each child has one official progress report per year, at the age of 1, 2 and 3 years. However their progress is continually monitored through their individual planning. You may see this at anytime. We assess where your child is at 4 times per year, in March, June, September and December.

What aspect of the provision do you value the most?

Do you feel your child receives an educational programme that is exciting and challenging?

95% replied 'Yes'. A couple of parents commented that they do not know enough about the educational programme. Lunaland follows the Early Years Statutory Framework and a copy of this is available on the parents notice board. You can also look on our website at our 'promise' and what Lunaland aims to achieve for all children. If you want to ask a member of staff to explain the EYFS to you, just ask, they will be more than happy to help, they know it like the back of their hand.

Do you feel your child is in a safe and secure environment?

100% of parents are in agreement with this question. However, one parent did comment about reminding other parents not to open the door for others. So may we take this opportunity to remind all parents that you are to 'buzz' in to your child's room before entering the premises. This is so we can keep track of who's in the building at all times. Even if you do know the person trying to enter, wait for a member of staff to let them in.

Do you access our website?

All parents tend to access our website. If you are unsure of the log in details please ask a member of staff. We try to update this frequently with our menus, photos and learning for the month. If you don't know how to access a certain something, please ask one of the girls!

Breakfast/ Afterschool Club Questionnaire Feedback - June 2014

Do you have fun at Lunaland's breakfast/after-school club?

100% of children answered 'Yes'. It is very nice to know that the children enjoy coming to Lunaland.

Do you like the food at breakfast/tea time?

87% of children answered 'Yes'. 13% answered 'No'. The 13% of children who answered 'No' suggested more foods such as toast and hotdogs, so we will try our best to incorporate this into our snack at tea time. One child commented, a bigger meal. We will make sure all children are aware they can have seconds, however only a light tea is served for after-school club.

Have you made many friends at Lunaland?

100% of children answered 'Yes'. It is lovely to see that all of our children have made friends from different schools.

Do you understand the rules at Lunaland?

95% of children answered 'Yes'. The one child who didn't understand the rules has been through them with staff and is now fully aware

Has anyone ever upset/hurt you at Lunaland?

35% of children answered 'Yes' to this question, however all that answered 'Yes' also told us that a staff member had helped them sort the conflict

What do you enjoy playing with most at Lunaland?

The answers to this question varied hugely. Some children enjoy playing on the soft play, others outside and others with arts/crafts/games. We will continue to provide various activities for the children to enjoy.

Is there anything Lunaland could do to make your time even more enjoyable?

All children's comments have been noted and we will try our best to fulfil their wishes!

13th May 14

Dear Parents/carers

To ensure staff remain professional at all times Lunaland has collectively decided to not operate on social networking sites. This means that staff and parents will not be facebook 'friends'. We feel that our relationships with you, as parents is strong enough as it is. We hope you understand.

Kind regards

The team @ Lunaland


Dear Colleagues

Re: Scarlet Fever - Increase in Scarlet Fever incidence

We are writing to inform you of an increase in the notifications of scarlet fever. These increases are above what we would normally expect at this time of year.

Scarlet Fever tends to be more common in the winter and spring and peaks around end of March/early April Therefore, you may still come across cases over the coming weeks.

Scarlet fever is mainly a childhood disease and is most common between the ages of two and eight years it is usually treated with antibiotics and children need to be excluded from childminder, nursery or school to help minimise spreading the infection.

Children can return to their childminder, nursery or school once they feel better and have completed 24 hrs of antibiotic treatment. If a school, nursery or childminder suspects an outbreak of any infectious disease, they should inform their local Health Protection team.

Over leaf is an information leaflet on Scarlet Fever which you can copy and give to parents if you wish.

You can contact your PHE Health Protection team on 0845 504 8668, option 1.

Yours sincerely

Dr Mark Evans

Head of Health Protection

Avon, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire PHE Centre

The following letter was received from Gloucestershire County Council...

Dear Colleagues

The free flu vaccination is now being offered to all two and three year olds as a nasal spray.

As part of the seasonal flu campaign, Gloucestershire County Council Public Health is encouraging parents to make sure that their young children are protected.

Flu is a highly contagious viral disease that can lead to hospitalisation, especially for children with other medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

Please find attached a letter issued by Alice Walsh, Interim Director of Public Health. We ask that a copy of this letter is given to all parents or guardians of children aged two and three years old in your care.

Further information about the flu vaccination nasal spray for children can be found via NHS Choices.

Download the poster Five reasons to get your child vaccinated against flu poster.

We do hope that you take this opportunity to support the campaign.

Yours sincerely

Alice Walsh

Home to Lunaland communication sheets

We would like some information about the lovely things you and your children do when they are not at nursery. This helps us to guide their individual planning and allows us to have group discussions about the exciting things they get up to. We will display them and use them in there learning stories too. You can download a pdf form to complete.

Thank you from the Lunaland Team.

All Parents..

Please can you bring in a photo of some of the experiences that you share together. E.g. reading a book together, a walk to the park or making tea together. We love hearing from the children of all the fun things they get up to and it would be lovely for the children to share photos with their friends.

You can also email the pictures to

This page contains information for parents as well as requests for certain information from parents.